The Winter Whale Trail

From May to September, our winter is a whale’s summer, and the giants of the deep journey from the Antarctic for their annual babymoon, breeding, birthing and raising their calves in our backyard. Along the Whale Trail through Warrnambool, Port Fairy and Portland, also known as the ‘whale corridor’, you’ll spot Southern Right, Humpback, Blue and the occasional Orca. Here is all you need to know before you jump in the car for this must-do winter road trip.

Whale Watching Tips

  1. Subscribe to the Great Ocean Road Whale Blog. Here you can share your whale sightings and be notified of sighting along the Great Ocean Road.

  2. The best time to spot whales is while the sun is shining. During the middle of the day whales will breach to sun themselves, and if you’re lucky pose for a photo.

  3. Bring gloves, a beaning, thick socks, a warm jacket and even binoculars. Whale watching is addictive, so make yourself comfortable in the winter elements.

  4. If you see someone with a serious looking camera and footlong lens, politely ask them if they’ve seen anything - keen whale photographers have the best tips. (Then follow them on Instagram.)

  5. Just like a new born baby, whale mammas don’t want loud noises disturbing their young. So remember that by law, no drones are allowed over Logans Beach Whale Nursery, elsewhere drones are not to be less than 500 metres above a whale, Jet skis must stay 300 metres away, boats must stay 200 metres away and 50 metres for swimmers and surfers.  

  6. If you do notice a whale or dolphin in distress please contact the Department of Environmental Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) on 1300 136 017. You can help their research by sharing your photos at

  7. Head to the local Visitor Information Centre for the insider scoop on whales watching along the #winterwhaletrail


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