The Great Ocean Road region, from Torquay to Nelson and inland to places like Casterton and Colac, has some of the beautiful and diverse scenery in the world.

Whether you're spending time at one destination, or on a road trip to see where the road takes you, here's a checklist of spots to keep an eye out for.

Make sure you check out the interactive maps at www.visitgreatoceanroad.org.au so you can see what's around you after you arrive in the region, too!

1. Torquay to Apollo Bay

Along this stretch you'll experience different perspectives of the undulating coastline from several lookouts, as well as creeks and rivers.

  1. Bells Beach 
  2. Koori Culture Walk to Point Addis Marine National Park (part of the Surf Coast Walk)
  3. Anglesea River
  4. Aireys Inlet 
  5. Lorne: see the waterfalls around the area. 
  6. Teddy’s Lookout
  7. The Cumberland River 
  8. Mt Defiance Lookout
  9. Artillery Rock (known for its perfect circular shapes)
  10. Boggerley Creek
  11. Wye River
  12. Cape Patton Lookout
  13. Mariners Lookout

2. Forrest to Lavers Hill

Take your time along this windy road, which is lined with beautiful overhanging ferns. You'll find prehistoric-like walks, majestic waterfalls and the mystical Redwood Forest.

Stops along the way:

  1. Lake Elizabeth (look out for platypi)
  2. Stephensons Falls
  3. Redwood Forest 
  4. Beauchamp Falls 
  5. Hopetoun Falls 
  6. Little Aire Falls 
  7. Triplet Falls 
  8. Aire River Crossing
  9. Melba Gully (go looking for glow worms at night)

3. Apollo Bay to Port Campbell

This wild part of the coast is where you'll find dramatic beaches (many the site of past shipwrecks), lots of native wildlife and the historic Cape Otway Lightstation.

Stops along the way:

  1. Marengo Beach
  2. Elliott River 
  3. Maits Rest 
  4. Parker Hill
  5. Cape Otway Lightstation 
  6. Aire River beach
  7. Castle Cove Lookout
  8. Johanna Beach
  9. The Gables Lookout
  10. Wreck Beach (see an anchor at low tide)
  11. Gellibrand River
  12. Princetown Boardwalk 
  13. Gibsons Steps
  14. Castle Rock
  15. 12 Apostles
  16. The Razorback
  17. Loch Ard Gorge
  18. Port Campbell foreshore

4. Port Campbell to Port Fairy

This is where you'll see more of the exposed coastline in all its glory and the gigantic rock formations that were once part of the mainland. You can see them from the lookouts, or walk down to the beach for a different view. Between Port Fairy and Warrnambool is the extinct volcano, Tower Hill.

Stops along the way:

  1. The Arch 
  2. London Bridge 
  3. The Grotto 
  4. Peterborough 
  5. Worm Bay
  6. Bay of Martyrs
  7. Bay of Islands
  8. Boat Bay 
  9. Sandy Beach/Childers Cove
  10. Logans Beach (Warrnambool)
  11. Hopkins River (Warrnambool)
  12. Hopkins Falls
  13. Thunder Point (Warrnambool)
  14. Tower Hill
  15. Griffith Island Lighthouse (Port Fairy)
  16. Shelley Beach 
  17. The Crags 

5. Winchelsea to Timboon (via Camperdown)

The scenery along this part of the region is dominated by extinct volcanoes, large lakes and rolling farmlands. 

Stops along the way:

  1. Colac Lake (Colac)
  2. Lake Purrumbette 
  3. Lake Bullen Merri

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