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Port Fairy Historic Town Walk

There are over 70 buildings of historic significance around Port Fairy and the best way to appreciate this legacy is on foot. Two walking trails have been established within Port Fairy, the History Town Walk and Shipwreck and Maritime Heritage Walk. Both walks have self-guide walking maps made available via the Visitor Information Centre. Guided tours can also be arrange upon request.

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Koroit Heritage Trail

A township of both historical and architectural significance, Koroit lies midway between Warrnambool and Port Fairy, nestled against the northern slopes of Tower Hill. Koroit has a strong Irish herritage with immigrants lured by the availability of land and the rich volcanic soil in which to grow crops such as potatoes, onions and wheat. The Koroit Heritage Trail takes walker around the edwardian architecture, gracious public buildings, tiny worker’s cottages and gardens littered throughout town.

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Mortlake Heritage Trail

Mortlake Bluestone Heritage Trail

First surveyed in 1836-37, Mortlake is lined with buildstone buildings and trees planted to honour servicemen and women from WW1 and WW2.

Appreciate the delightful bluestone buildings throughout the town with 22 significant sites marked on the Mortlake Heritage Trail.

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Tower Hill Cemetery Walk

Take a journey back in time with a walk around the very old Tower Hill cemetery.

The cemetery is the resting place of many early pioneers and settlers of the historic region.

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I AM PORT FAIRY - Roger Haldane

Roger Haldane is an adventurer and pioneer. He spent his childhood along the river Moyne before setting sail with his family to found the tuna fishing industry in South Australia. When he returned home to Port Fairy his innovative and entrepreneurial spirit shifted to farming on land, first with alpacas and Icelandic horses and now with Italian riverine buffalo. Shaw River Buffalo Cheese is an award-winning family business, whose outstanding buffalo mozzarella is iconic part of the region’s quality produce.

Roger is also a passionate boat builder and rower, artist and children’s book author and illustrator.