Wallaby in the Port Fairy grass lands

Small Nature Reserves

There are a number of smaller nature reserves and public Crown Land reserves dotted across Moyne Shire that are not well known. These small reserves feature remnants of local native vegetation and some are important habitat for rare or threatened species of flora and fauna. Most of the reserves can be accessed by the public.

Johnstone Reserve - Woolsthorpe

The Johnstones Reserve is accessed from Wickham Road, Woolsthorpe. This small reserve features the only remnant patch of Basalt Shrubby Woodland in the Shire.

Maam Wetlands - Wangoom

The Maam Wetlands are accessed from Staffords Road in Wangoom. This small wetland on the fringe of Warrnambool features remnant plains grassland plant communities and is an important permanent wetland refuge for rare water birds.

Mepunga Water Reserve - Mepunga

The Mepunga Water Reserve is accessed via Childer's Cove Road. The fringe of this small wetland area has been revegetated by volunteers of the Warrnambool Nature Reserves Society over the last 25 years. This important habitat features remnant wetland and grassland plant communities.

Wiltons Reserve - Naringal South

Wiltons Reserve can be accessed via Membrey Road.This small reserve is a typical example of the original wet forest plant communities now cleared for agriculture in the east of the Shire.

Doug Fenwick Reserve - Nirranda South

Doug Fenwick Reserve can be accessed via Baileys Road. This reserve features a fine example of remnant Damp Heathy Woodland plant communities close to the coast.

Pretty Hill Flora Reserve – Orford

Pretty Hill Flora Reserve can be accessed via the Hamilton-Port Fairy Road. This tiny patch of remnant vegetation includes native grasslands.

Naringal East Picnic Ground - Naringal East

The Naringal East Picnic Ground can be accessed via Dingey Road. The vegetation here is very similar to Ralph Illidge Sanctuary and has regenerated following the Ash Wednesday bushfires of 1983.

Grass-tree Plains Reserve - Naringal East

Grass-tree Plains Reserve can be accessed via Dingey Road. This small reserve features remnant vegetation that forms part of an important roadside corridor for wildlife.


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