The notion of a leisurely walk along the beach has been taken to the extreme around Port Fairy, with several trails taking in kilometres, upon kilometres of beach and lake side tracks. Visit shipwrecks, a lighthouse and estranges whilst reaping the relaxing benefits of breathing in coast fresh air.

Griffiths Island and Port Fairy Lighthouse Walk

A natural oasis almost in the heart of the town, Griffiths Island supports a number of native animals including a small mob of swamp wallabies. It is also the site of one of the Australia’s most accessible breeding colonies of short tailed shearwaters or mutton-birds. The birds follow an amazing life cycle travelling incredible distances.

A short walk along the causeway from Martin's Point gets you onto the island which hosts a number of paths. Please keep to the tracks on the island for a careless foot can collapse a burrow and bury a mutton bird or chick.

The Mahogany Ship Walk

The 22km beach walk from Warrnambool to Port Fairy passes the last known resting place of the elusive Mahogany Ship, thought to be a Portuguese caravel that was wrecked in the early 1500s. It later vanished under drifting sands in the 1890s.

The area is also home to echidnas, rare hooded plovers, mutton birds and crested terns. In winter or spring, you might even glimpse a southern right whale. For shorter walks, enter the region at one of several access points along the way.

Peterborough Walking Track

Follow the walking track from the southern end of the Bay of Martyrs carpark. This short but spectacular walk leads to the site where the ‘Falls of Halladale’ ran aground in 1908. If you feel like a longer walk along the coast, continue through to Wild Dog Cove.

Yambuk Lake Walk

Once an important stopover for those travelling between Warrnambool, Port Fairy and Portland, Yambuk today is a genuine small, quiet Victorian hamlet with a population of around 300 people who enjoy its natural beauty and lifestyle.

The Yambuk Lake Walk starts as a sandy track following the lake shores before meeting the boardwalk up to the lookout. Yambuk Lake Walk reveals some worthwhile views as the lake gives way to the ocean.

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