13 August 2019



The 2020 program is on the cusp of being announced, and needless to say we are getting jolly excited, 4 days of pure musical magic will be unleashed once again in our beautiful Port Fairy. 2020 will feature artists from across Australia, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, England, France, South Africa, the USA and more... and the creative conversations are already abounding across the airwaves to create unforgettable moments.

You may have also heard the social media whisper about about new ticketing options. It is true, we are aiming to give those members of our audience more choice in how to experience this great festival of ours. But fear not… we are not increasing capacity... we are just giving more options, especially to those of you who work on weekends. We are constantly listening to feedback and one constant for the past few years has been from some of our audience who can’t take the whole weekend off work. So for 2020 after all subscriber tickets have been issued we are releasing a limited number of Friday/Saturday and Sunday/Monday Festival passes.

“The Port Fairy Folk Festival Committee are absolutely thrilled to be announcing a change in available ticket type for the first time in over 40 years of this magnificent event! Whilst we have only ever offered full weekend passes before, we are now offering a 'Half Festival' pass. Whilst of course the vast majority of our wonderful attendees will still purchase a full weekend pass, we have listened to the feedback of our guests, particularly our local supporters, and decided to create the option for some to experience a  full day and a half of the Festival. Given those who have work or other commitments, this will be very appealing to them, and we have no doubt that these tickets will be snapped up very quickly!” says Shane Lenehan, Ticketing Manager

Subscriber tickets go on sale at 12:01am, Monday 2 September 2019.

Once this release has been allocated Early Bird tickets and the Half Festival passes will go on sale.


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