Moyne Shire Recreational Areas

There are perfect picnic spots, beautiful beaches, relaxing recreation reserves and gorgeous gardens. They all create the rich tapestry that is the Moyne Shire. View more.

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Port of Port Fairy/The historic wharf The historic Port of Port Fairy, on the Moyne River, is one of the most picturesque sites in the shire. At its peak in the 1850s, the port was the second busiest in Australia. Wool, wheat and gold were loaded onto great sailing ships bound for England. The ships anchored in the bay while goods and passengers were ferried back and forth from the wharf on smaller craft, known as lighters. Tourism has now replaced fishing as the major economic activity but an active fishing fleet still operates out of the harbour and it is home to a small fleet of pleasure craft. The wharf is a wonderful place to relax and watch the world drift by. The Norfolk pines and colonial buildings form a picturesque backdrop to the tranquil waters of the Moyne River. Here you can breath the fresh, sea air as you meander along the wharf, enjoy fish n' chips at the water's edge, or dop in a line for a spot of fishing. Address: Griffiths Street, Port Fairy Botanical Gardens Established in 1859, Port Fairy’s Botanic Gardens were once described as “the handsomest of any provincial town”. Still picturesque, the gardens have been drastically reduced in size. The first plants and seeds were supplied by Ferdinand von Mueller, the director of the Melbourne Botanic Gardens and a noted botanist, and GW Francis, curator of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, while a $5000 government grant enabled the erection of gates and fences. Address: Griffiths Street, Port Fairy

Railway Place Located next to the Visitor Information Centre, this large passive recreation area was once part of the railway line and still features the historic Railway Goods Shed. The space includes a large picnic table and toilets are available at the VIC. Address: Bank Street, Port Fairy
Apex Park Offering beautiful views, Apex Park is nestled on top of the sand dune and offers direct access to East Beach. Sheltered and scenic, Apex Park has a new toilet block and is the ideal location for a family picnic or barbeque. Address: Rogers Place, Port Fairy
Battery Hill Battery Hill successfully combines a rich history with beautiful views and a picturesque outlook. On the banks of the winding Moyne River, Battery Hill was home to a fortification established in the 19th century. Several large cannons and gun emplacements were placed there. These remain today. Battery Hill is an ideal spot to enjoy a barbecue or picnic. Address: Griffiths Street, Port Fairy
Charles Mills Reserve Relax and unwind in this delightful riverside area named after Port Fairy pioneer Charles Mills.  An old farm wagon creates a link to Charles and our heritage, while a picnic table and free barbecue facilities complete the scene. There is ample parking and public toilets are just a short walk towards the beach. Address: Griffiths Street, Port Fairy
Martins Point Fishermen and families love to take some time out at the wonderful Martins Point. Established on reclaimed land at the mouth of the river some time about a century ago, Martins Point offers shady trees, picnic tables, free barbecues, toilets, wide open space and a great children’s playground.  Martin’s Point is a must do on any visit to Port Fairy. Address: Gipps Street, Port Fairy Pioneer Park Local in a newer residential section of Port Fairy, Pioneer Park is a small area with seats and tables on the Portland side of the highway. It is close to Moyneyana Hostel and is popular with its residents, who enjoy the fresh air and public space. Address: Baxter Street, Port Fairy
Russell Clark Reserve Russell Clarke Reserve is a popular spot with all our canine companions; a large passive recreation area where dogs are free to be detached from their lead and go for a run. The only condition is dog waste must be collected in a bag you have brought with you specifically for that purpose. There are several large water spaces and tracks that make it an ideal spot for man’s best friend – and his owner – to stretch their legs. Please note dogs are not allowed on the nearby Sandy Cove Reserve. Address: James Street, Port Fairy 

Botanic Gardens Relax, enjoy a picnic and the playground at the lovely Koroit Botanic Gardens, designed by renowned landscape gardener and horticulturalist William Guilfoyle. The gardens were established in 1862 and form part of a large central recreational area. Located in High Street, the gardens cover about three hectares. Koroit's War Memorial is located on the edge of the Botanic Gardens. Address: High Street, Koroit
Tea Tree Lake Tea Tree Lake is a picturesque public reserve located at Mortlake. Set aside in the late 1800’s, the reserve features an early botanic garden, summerhouse and kiosk. The existing “swamp” in the reserve was dredged in 1988 to form the lakes to increase recreational activities and opportunities.
There is a pedestrian path around the lake that is suitable for wheel chairs and pushers and the reserve is a great place within the township of Mortlake to watch water birds, particularly ducks and egrets, forage for food. There is also a new fishing platform.
Bay of Islands Coastal Park
A large coastal area with native shrub which highlights the natural attractions of the Shipwreck Coast. Take a deep dreath, inhale the sea air and enjoy!

Peterborough Coastal Reserve Located within the town's boundaries, adjacent to the Peterborough Golf Course, the Peterborough Coastal Reserve is a large grassed area with public toilets and other facilities. Address: Irvine Street, Port Fairy


Moyne Shire Recreational Areas