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St John Anglican Church

ADDRESS:  21 Regent St, Port Fairy 3284

PHONE: (03) 5568 1028 

EMAIL: anglicanportfairy@gmail.com

WEBSITE: www.portfairychurch.org

Service times on the church door and website.  Hall available for hire.


St. Patricks Catholic Church

ADDRESS:  Princes Hwy, Port Fairy  3284

PHONE:  (03) 5568 1734 or (03) 5565 8505

Services: 1st, 3rd, & 5th Sunday at 10.30am.  2nd & 4th Sunday vigil on night before at 6.30pm.

St. Patrick's Hall William Street available for hire through school (03) 5568 1371


St Andrews Prestbyterian Church

ADDRESS:   William St, Port Fairy 3283

PHONE:  (03) 5565 8262

EMAIL:  ijleach@bigpond.net.au

St. Andrews Church meet for services each Sunday at 9.30am


Port Fairy Uniting Church

ADDRESS:  44 James St, Port Fairy 3284

PHONE:  (03) 5568 1046

EMAIL: jenniferstephens@bigpond.com

Services are held at 10am on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays, a Communion Service at 11am on the 2nd Sunday and a Family Service at 11am on the 4th Sundays (this service is designed particularly with children in mind).

The present Port Fairy Uniting Church was built in 1855 and was a Wesleyan Methodist Church.  Prior to this, meetings were held in a private house in Rosebrook, before the first building was erected on the bank of the river Moyne at Rosebrook. 

In 1847 land was granted to the Methodists, and a wooden building was built on the present site. It was later used as a school.  In 1847 the present bluestone building was constructed, building began in August, and the first service was conducted in December of that year.

Significant decorations feature two carvings by Walter McGill. The first is over the front doorway, and the other, a sculpture of John Wesley’s head is above the porch.  The porch was added in 1933, and this sculpture is now only visible from the street.

In 1870 a second bluestone building on the property was opened as a Sabbath and Common School. After 1872 it was only used as a Sunday School, and recreation hall.

The lovely old Manse next to the church at 46 James St. was in need of extensive renovation, and was, regretfully, sold in 1994. It is now beautifully renovated and is privately owned.   A more detailed history is available at the church.


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